Feature Film: 

Monstrous is a story about retribution and childhood imaginary demons that cross borders into a blurred reality with horrific consequences. It’s a story that connects with audiences of all ages and keeps them on the edge of their seats. In the style of movies such as Hereditary and The Others.

TV Drama:

Borderline is a 6-part original drama series set in London and Bucharest. Core story about human

trafficking with two central pivotal lead characters from different cultures, brought together in a

race against time to save a young kidnapping victim, being held captive in the remote regions of

Romania. It’s a fast-paced dynamic road journey, with two different methods of policing forced

together to save a life.

Souls is a supernatural thriller about atonement, set against a medical backdrop, our journey follows the afterlife and reconciliation of a famed heart surgeon who after a catastrophic car accident is plunged between Heaven and Hell.

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