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Seven Souls


8-part Supernatural thriller, which explores the dynamics of life after death.

Seven Souls is a supernatural thriller in which a talented heart surgeon suffers a catastrophic car accident and wakes to find himself caught between heaven and hell.

Suspended as a ghost between life and death. His body lies in a coma on life support. His misdeeds in life require his atonement before he can return to the living. He’s tasked with helping seven souls to cross to the other side. Unfortunately, some have hidden agendas and secrets they don’t want to share, others are guilty of carrying out crimes that have gone unpunished. Only by helping the seven souls cross over, will he escape the purgatory of being  in the afterlife.

His journey is one of Atonement and if he can succeed, he will return. But unfortunately, the souls he’s tasked to help have other agendas.  

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Borderline is a 6-part original drama series set in London and Bucharest. Core story about human

trafficking with two central pivotal lead characters from different cultures, brought together in a

race against time to save a young kidnapping victim, being held captive in the remote regions of

Romania. It’s a fast-paced dynamic road journey, with two different methods of policing forced

together to save a life.

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The Golden Hour

“ Crime doesn’t pay unless people think your old and stupid… then it pays“

A six-part comedy drama series set in Central Europe. 

The Golden Hour tells the story of three elderly pensioners who decided to take back control of their lives. Friends in their youth and now living separately in a small communist apartment block close to the edge of town, they find themselves battling a corrupt and greedy developer, who falsely fabricates structural defects, leading to a condemned notice being served. Unknown to our Pensioners, the” tentacles” of corruption are spread far and wide and lead to the core of a family mafia syndicate involved with many other corrupt activities.  

It’s a funny dark comedy about taking back control and fighting for the things you believe in. Under the radar, the pensioners take on the crooks at their own game. Who would believe pensioners would  take up a life of crime and rob the criminals…and criminals don’t go to the Police.  

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August tells the heroic journey of the first African Nigerian man who fought alongside the Polish resistance in Nazi Occupied Warsaw. This is the story of a hero who when faced against the odds survived and saved many lives whilst smuggling secrets for the resistance under the Nazi occupier’s noses. 

A charismatic jazz musician who spoke six languages, he managed to charm his way around the Nazi occupiers and survive the brutality of war. At the same time protecting the ones he loved, his polish wife Olga. Eventually fighting alongside the resistance as Warsaw is battered by the German occupiers, he survives imprisonment. 

August is a story of heroism and bravery, the British Jesse Owens story set against the backdrop of the brutality of Nazi occupation and fascism . 

Slated as a 90 min feature Film or a TV mini-series.

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Bitter Pill

An 8-part political crime drama. 

Bitter Pill is a  crime drama that exposes the murky depth of the fake pharmaceuticals industry and how organised crime in central Europe and Italy manage to steal drugs to make counterfeit versions which are then sold into the medical supply chain as fakes.  

Human rights Lawyer Anna finds herself in a roller coaster ride of corruption and deceit at the highest level of Politics. Her only child dies after being given fake pharmaceuticals for a life-threatening illness.  Investigate further, she finds herself tangled up with the local mafia and a dangerous unknown political enemy. 

Teaming up with a local cop with many dark secrets of his own, Anna now finds herself in a situation with man on a suicide mission and he’s determined to bend the rules at any cost. 

Will the risks bring results, or will they both be killed in the process. 

Set in Hungary, Poland, and Romania. 

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