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Monstrous is a story about retribution and childhood imaginary demons that cross borders into a blurred reality with horrific consequences. It’s a story that connects with audiences of all ages and keeps them on the edge of their seats. In the style of movies such as Hereditary and The Others.

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Borderline is a 6-part original drama series set in London and Bucharest. Core story about human

trafficking with two central pivotal lead characters from different cultures, brought together in a

race against time to save a young kidnapping victim, being held captive in the remote regions of

Romania. It’s a fast-paced dynamic road journey, with two different methods of policing forced

together to save a life.

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Souls is a supernatural thriller about atonement, set against a medical backdrop, our journey follows the afterlife and reconciliation of a famed heart surgeon who after a catastrophic car accident is plunged between Heaven and Hell.


August. Miniseries/ Feature Film 110 mins. Set in Poland, Warsaw. 

Historical dramatization. 

The courageous and dramatic account of the only Afro British man who lived in Poland during WW2. As the resistance prepare to fight the Nazis, in what will be called “The Warsaw Uprising”. August Brown a Nigerian Englishman takes up the fight alongside his Polish comrades. A conflict that will last 63 days, resulting in a city that will be wiped off the Map of Poland and will tragically cost countless lives. 


Bitter Pill. 8x 1 hr series, set in Hungary, Poland, and Romania. 

Political Crime Drama. 

As the global Pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the world, organised crime finds a new way of making money, by creating and selling fake Pharmaceuticals. Human rights Lawyer Anna, finds herself, pulled into a web of deceit and corruption, as she frantically tries to find those responsible for the tragic death of her only child. 

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